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    Fingerprint Operated Electronic Locker

    12 intelligent fingerprint locker

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    Product Description Product Specifications

    Material: the material thickness of 1.0mm; and by the Shanghai Baosteel or WISCO high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet or profiles by pickling phosphating and electrostatic powder spray

    The product features, characteristics:

    A, hardware description

    Locker using industrial grade integrated circuit control unit, electronic device, stable performance, safe and reliable. A control unit through the CPLD chip to control direct 24/36 control electronic door lock opening, infrared object detection. Without the RS232 or 485 multilevel communication control. The performance efficiency is much higher than similar products in the same industry.

    1, the electrical parameters:

    1) input voltage: AC110-AC240V

    2) the input current: 0.2A (current) ~0.5A (transient current)

    The input power of 20W (3): static power) ~70W (instantaneous power)

    4) the use of environment temperature: -10 degrees Celsius, 45 degrees celsius.

    5) the relative temperature: 10 - 90%.

    2, the LCD screen:

    DJM12864 is a kind of graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display, which is mainly composed of a line driver (COM=64) / column driver

    Device (SEG=64*2) to pass the 128 x 64 full dot matrix liquid crystal display. Complete graphical display, can display

    The 8 x 4 (16 x 16 dot matrix) Chinese characters.

    The main technical parameters and performance: module VEE output negative voltage of -10V, for the LCD driver.

    1) power: VDD:+5V;

    2) display the contents: 128 (column) x 64 (row)

    3) full screen dot matrix

    4) seven kinds of instructions

    5) and the CPU interface uses a 8 bit data bus parallel input / output and 8 control lines

    6) the duty ratio 1/64

    7) with internal temperature compensation circuit. Support internal adjusting the contrast.

    8) the high and low level control support chip select signal (high level gating or low level gating)

    9) operating temperature: -20 ~ +70, storage temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +80

    3, fingerprint head

    The size of the circuit board (mm) of 38 × 55

    Acquisition head resolution 500DPI

    Fingerprint capacity 800

    Comparison time < 1

    False accept rate 0.0001%

    FRR 0.01%

    Dynamic current <140mA

    Working voltage 5-7.5V

    The communication interface of UART/RS232

    4, manage the keyboard:

    Membrane keyboard keys, convenient and reliable, beautiful appearance.

    5, TM read head

    The original TM card reading head, high reliability, good contact.

    6, switch power supply:

    1, input characteristics (INPUT CHARACTERISTICS):

    1) the input voltage (Input Voltage):

    2) rated voltage (Nominal Voltage): 100-240Vac

    3) the adjustment range (Variation Range): 90-264Vac

    4) input frequency (Input Frequency):

    5) rated frequency (Nominal Frequency): 50/60Hz

    6) adjust the frequency (Variation Frequency): 47-63Hz

    7) the input current (Input Current):

    When the input AC voltage and rated, output voltage load full load, the maximum input current 1.2A.

    8) surge current (Inrush Current):

    When the output load rating, the environment temperature is 25, the maximum surge current input 240Vac cold starting when power is less than 30A.

    9) AC leakage current (Ac Leakage Current):

    When the input voltage is 240Vac, the maximum leakage current is 5mA.

    2, the output characteristic (OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS):

    1) output power (Power Output);

    The minimum voltage load maximum load peak output power

    Voltage Min. Load Max. Load Peak Output Power

    +15Vdc 0A 6A 6.5A 80W

    2) load / adjustment rate (Combined Load/Line Regulation):

    Minimum no-load voltage maximum no-load voltage linear adjustment of load adjustment

    Voltage Min.Voltage Max.Voltage LineRegulation Load Regulation

    +15Vdc 14.25V 15.75V ± 5% ± 5%

    3, environmental requirements (ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMET):

    1) operating temperature (Operating Temperature):

    With 0 ~ -70 ℃, normal work (Full load, Normal operation).

    2) the storage temperature (Storage Temperature): -20 ℃ to85 ℃, with shell (With package)

    3) working humidity (Relative Humidity):

    5% (0 ℃) to 90% (40 ℃), 72 hour, full,

    Product number : DC-ZW-12-028
    Product name: 12 intelligent fingerprint locker
    External dimensions : W800*D430*H1800mm
    Cell size : W285D430H285mm

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