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    Face Identification Electronic Locker

    12 intelligent face recognition

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    Product Description Product Specifications

    The division of facial recognition lockers bonding technology advanced, the facial features as storing documents, each person's face is the only, and can be collected. Facial recognition that locker storage more convenient, more secure, more at ease.

    The storage operation:

    According to the "save" button to register the face to the door open, into objects

    Fetch operation:

    According to "take" key, face recognition, the door open, into objects

    System features:

    Facial features 1, each person only, anti-theft and anti loss, high security. Compared with the bar code barcode photo copy cabinet, and the need to keep.

    2, using facial recognition technology. Extract, need not carry access medium without supplies. Barcode cabinets need to consume the printing paper, the daily use and maintenance cost is high.

    3, face registration identification are non-contact operation, effective protection of equipment, improve the service life of the equipment. And the printer are wearing parts, maintenance, regular replacement, maintenance costs are high.

    4, face recognition cabinet with massive access to records, a group of cabinet access record is 40000, can store a year of usage. Traditional locker only have access to hundreds of, is a hundred times.

    5, the user access record face image information, completely solve the problem of who is accessing article, for all kinds of exception handling.

    6, face recognition can play the customized business lockers advertising or display sales poster etc., let the customer in the storage is easy to understand the relevant marketing information.

    Product number : DC-LB-12
    Product name: 12 intelligent face recognition
    External dimensions : W800*D430*H1800mm
    Cell size : W285D430H285mm

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